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The Spectrum International, one of the most popular event in the pasofino world in United States.  This event brings some of the best pasofino horses from all over the world.  The spectrum international every year is full of surprises. This event can change the life of any pàsofino horse forever and not just the horse but also the owner and his rider.  Some horses have come out no where and won this event and it has change their life forever. A perfect example last year stallion champion and mare champion in the  classic fino division.  lets not forget the amature owners fino class and all other catagories. This is an event if you are a pasofino horse lover or a horse lover you most see.

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Why does my horse need protein?

Key functions of proteins in your horse’s body include providing structure, nutrient transport in the blood stream, nutrient transport across cell membranes, regulation of metabolic function, as a component of the immune system and to act as a buffer to minimize fluctuations in body PH. Furthermore Protein assists in tissue repair and muscle growth. Some horse owners believe to much protein causes laminitis and growth problems on colts and can lead to kidney damage. Protein does not cause any of these issues. Amino acids like Lysine; Threonine and Methionine are essential for your horse. Some indications of protein deficiency may include general non-thriftiness, depressed feed intake, weight loss and poor hoof and hair coat quality. Growing and training horses and lactating mares have the highest protein requirements of all horses. Ask your vet for more information on how much protein your horse my need. your source for supplements.
All of this information was gather by vets information and articles. Please always consult your vet when giving your horse any type of supplement. AESPASOFINO.COM

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Essential Fatty Acids

Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids are essential for you equine performance. Omega essential fatty acid have been shown to improve the health and structural integrity of cell membranes, reduce inflammatory responses from cells, reduce laminitis, stomach ulceration and improve coat and hair condition. Plant oils are high in unsaturated fats and they are often high in essential fatty acids. Such is the case for Rice Bran Oil and Wheat Germ Oil.
Horses that are high performance can benefit from this oils. Such as endurance horses, show preparation, horses with stomach ulcers and horses that can’t have or tolerate high grain diets. has all this essential fatty acids available at our store.

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What is Gamma Oryzanol?

Gamma oryzanol is a rice bran oil derivative with two major active molecules, Sterol and Ferulic acid.
Gamma Oryzanol has positive effects on weight gain and performance comparable to some anabolic steroids. Gamma oryzanol has effects on the body’s endocrine system resulting in increased metabolism of fat and increased synthesis of protein, leading to increased lean body mass.
Research in horses showed gamma oryzanol had improved muscle to fat ratio, with better muscle definition in the rump, neck and over the withers. The horses supplemented with gamma oryzanol also maintained appetite better. In addition, studies have shown that gamma oryzanol is a natural antioxidant and can lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Gamma oryzanol has also been shown to reduce the risk of gastric ulcers and increased gastrointestinal motility caused by stress.

Here are some products that carried GAMMA ORYZANOL, Corta-FLX, Muscle Mass, Cox Ultra-Growth, M.A.S.S. Builder, GAMMA GROW. All of this products can be found in our store .

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